Being a Nomad

Although it usually pulls me to more distant parts of the world, my current project takes place in Europe. Monki, our 39-year-old firetruck guides us through the breathtaking landscapes of our neighbor countries. Happy about everything that nature has to offer, we stop at the most beautiful places and embrace the world.

Photographing the World

My heart is attached to exciting stories. It doesn’t matter if they are wrapped into a photo essay or expressed in a written documentary. I love to dive into foreign worlds, meet inspiring people, and experience a part of their everyday life. As soon as the current circumstances allow, i’ll be off to the next adventure. What’s it all about? That remains a secret – and the fulfillment of a long-awaited dream.

About Me

Especially during my time at university I was fascinated by foreign countries and cultures. From my bachelor’s degree in “Politics and Economics” I eventually moved on to a master’s degree in Social Anthropology. Between strange livelihoods, unknown rituals and complicated social structures, commonalities can always be found. This is exactly what makes the world so fascinating to me.

With my camera and keyboard, I have learned to share this fascination and find the ordinary in the strangeness. Several research and photo trips have paved the way for my documentaries, which were published privately or by well-known media.

Work With Me

Reports in travel magazines, blogs, daily newspaper artiles, and screen plays: I’ve written them all. Not every one of my texts is about great adventures. But every one carries a little excitment: SEO-optimized, well researched, and target-group-specific.

Photography gets a special room my life. Although I occasionally engage in new commercial assignments, I focus mainly on travel and documentary work. The basis of my work: Extensive research without a camera.

Photography tutorials, image films for a good cause,  commercials, or short documentaries. I film what I find important and what I enjoy. Concept, camera, editing: I am happy to collaborate with you.

Cooperation, Assignments, and Advice

No matter what you’re up to: an adventurous photo project in the Amazon basin, a promotional video for your porcelain manufactory, or fresh copy for your artisan website – it doesn’t hurt to ask! I’ve been involved in so many crazy projects that you’ll have a hard time shocking me. Hence, you won’t hear the word “impossible” from my mouth. I look forward to your message!

Documentary Work

Show up, shoot photos, disappear – that’s not for me.

When I work on documentaries, I always want to be close. Closeness not only brings authenticity, but also higher quality. 

Whether written or in pictures: When you become the narrator of other peoples’ stories, you first have to experience what their life is like. For me, being close means being right in their story instead of hiding behind the camera.

I’m also always on the lookout for challenges. The harder the challenge, the more exciting I get. It doesn’t always have to be full action, though. Many projects can alsoemotionally challenge one’s own character.

Travel, Landscape, and Nature

Desert, ice, mountains, seas, cliffs, beach. Suburbia, ruins, skyscrapers, slums. Our world is full of places that want to be discovered. I love to capture my travels, experiences, and encounters on camera and share them with others.

Photography has taught me to develop an eye for the small details of our great world. Thanks to landscape photography, I see the sky differently, fell in love with clouds, and even appreciate thunderstorms. Without photography, on the other hand, you would hardly find me sitting on a mountain top at sunrise or search for Polaris in the desert sky.

While traveling, I always watch out for the beauty of our planet. Rather than travelling from one well-known sight to the next, I like to get surprised by what nature has to offer on the road.

Monki on the Road

Since July 2020, it’s all about him: Monki, our beautiful, unique fire truck. Sleeping space, office and luxury carriage all in one. Since we finished the van conversion in September 2020, we have been enjoying different trips all over Europe.

Although living on six square meters is sometimes difficult with two people: It was one of the best decisions – despite all current restrictions. Calling the wreckers at night, repairing the engine at a campsite, and all those little restructurings can’t change it: Monki is the most beautiful and classic car in the world!